Home / 1999 C5 FRC 31

Forged 346, Eagle rods, JE pistons, LQ9 ported heads w 9.5 CR, Cam 226/232, 115 LSA, 575/575
63lbs injectors with Lingenfelter upgraded Walbro fuel system, KB BAP
LS6 intake
Procharger F1D, twin intercoolers, Procharger race bypass valve, 8 rib belt system w/ ATI superdamper crank pulley, 4.10 pulley
Alky Control / East Coast Supercharging dual nozzle methanol kit with shutoff
Becool radiator with Evans coolant and upgraded pump
Kooks long tube headers 1-7/8 with Swaintech coating, custom Vettes & Performance exhaust with no cats or mufflers
Textralia/Spec Stage 3, 3.73 Getrag, DTE hardened output shaft, DTE strut brace for rear pumpkin, LAPD ceramic coated tunnel panel
Lingenfelter minitub, ACP flared rear quarter panel (extra inch of width on each side), C5 TigerShark Rear Fascia
Kinesis K28R 10.5X18, 12.5X18 three piece wheels, Michelin tires in front and Mickey Thompson 345 width drag radials in back, Doug Rippe Motorsports coilovers, Z06 swaybars
Specter Werkes C5R headlight with HID, PIAA fog light
Boost 15 lbs
775 rwhp / 693 rwtq