knife collection

A few of my favorite knives, and a couple guns thrown in.

Microtech Makora II Auto Out the Front (carbon fiber)
Microtech UTX-70 Auto Out the Front
Kershaw Groove, Blur (carbon fiber), Cyclone, Junkyard Dog II, E.T.
Zero Tolerance 0400ST, 0610ST Auto, 0650ST Auto
Pro-Tech The Don Tuxedo Auto, Godson Blue Auto
Pro-Tech Magic - Very Covert Automatic Mechanism with No Push-button. The Magic is a Scale Release.
Boker Automat Kalashnikov 47
Blade-Tech Talon (carbon fiber)
Beretta Avenger II (carbon fiber)
Springfield Armory 1911 GI w/ a bunch of mods
Springfield Armory XDM in .40S&W, Bi-tone SS/ OD Green, Crimson Trace laser grip

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